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Who We Are

Our team is growing! 
With her use of user-friendly technology and accessible approach to counseling and medical nutrition therapy, Muriel has found the need to expand her team of dietitians. Meet our current team and be sure to check back to see our new additions!


Muriel Doyle RD/LD, CDCES

People are Muriel’s passion. She thrives in challenging environments, where she can inspire people at all levels to achieve great results. From identifying the root cause of a complex problems, to creating a vision of results with her client, she assists them in taking concrete actions and overcoming ambivalence that leads to lasting results. Her science-based background confirms the healing power of minimally processed whole foods.  However, changing eating habits is a journey of many steps more easily taken when it is fun and flavorful. Sometimes, it requires a small detour if there is clear intent and there is a plan to get back on track.

Muriel is a native from Belgium who grew up on lavish, homemade French cooking. She spent 4 years living and working in Panama, and while she now calls the U.S. home, she continues to travel and experience new cultures. She has a lifelong love story with gastronomy and the art de la table, always intrigued to try out foods and food preparation from all over the world.

Alyssa Newberry RDN, LD

Alyssa is eager to help you identify and accomplish your goals through manageable changes that fit your lifestyle. She recognizes the difficulties of prioritizing nutrition in a busy and stressful time and understands the challenges of knowing what to believe, when there is so much nutrition information and misinformation available. She prioritizes your quality of life and offers support and motivation as you move toward your goals. 

Alyssa has a background in both corporate and hospitality environments and understands the demands of those positions. She is also a Houston native who celebrates diversity and is excited to work with individuals of different cultural and religious backgrounds. 

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Our Specialties


& Bariatrics

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Kidney Disease
& Dialysis


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