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Muriel Doyle is a Nutrition Consultant, Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (formely CDE). 


She is a native from Belgium who grew up on lavish and intricate homemade French cooking. She has a life long love story with gastronomy and the art de la table,  always intrigued to try out foods and food preparation from all over the world.

She studied at the prestigious University Catholic de Louvain, Brussels campus to pursue a master's degree in Biomedicine with focus in human nutrition with metabolic disorder and traumatic stress requiring the use of intravenous feeding. She gained her clinical experience in ICU care and metabolic studies at St. Luc Clinic, a state of the art 900 bed healthcare facility affiliated with the university and specializing in reference care and treat serious, rare or complex diseases of patients in Belgium and abroad.

While living in Panama for 4 years, she directed her professional endeavors to optimize the physical performance of elite USMC service members competing in marathons and triathlons as well as supporting their energy needs to work in extremely very harsh weather conditions.

Later on, she obtained her credentials as a registered dietitian through a Master's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine while fostering a professional passion for nutritional supplementation for healing and vegetarian/vegan practices.  She networked actively with peer practice groups to provide safe and science based expertise to the public. Her philosophy of work aligning with Integrative and Functional Medicine.   

Over the years, Muriel Doyle assisted thousands of clients/patients in hospital setting, out patient clinics,  home health and private practice settings affected by cancer, diabetes,  chronic kidney diseases,  thyroid disorders, obesity and digestive disorders.

Always thriving to be on the forefront of her profession using state of the art technology, she offers

Her science-based background confirms the healing power of minimally processed whole foods.  However, changing eating habits is a journey of many steps more easily taken when it is fun and flavorful. Sometimes, it requires some detour as long as there is clear intend and there is a a plan to get back on track.

People are her passion. She thrives in challenging environments where she can inspire people at all levels to achieve great results. From identifying the root cause of a complex problems to creating a vision of results with her client,  she assists them in taking concrete actions and overcoming ambivalence that lead to lasting results.