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"Celebrating people who transformed their lives with the help of Muriel Doyle"



Monica R., Texas

I highly recommend Muriel’s services.  I had spent several years being dissatisfied with my weight and eating habits.  I joined a Facebook group that Muriel established and it kick started me into dropping over 30 pounds.  I’m back at the size that I was at in my 20’s.  But more importantly, I’ve learned better eating habits that can last me a lifetime.  Muriel is very professional.  She guides people into making better choices and at the same time has a healthy and balanced perspective about eating with no room for judgement.  She truly has a passion for food and nutrition that spills over and influences the people around her.

Monica R. 

Licensed Clinical Counselor

Isabel and Joel O., Texas

“I first met Muriel a few years ago at fitness luncheon where she was a guest speaker on healthy nutrition. My son is now a young type 1 diabetic adult. The transition from childhood to young adult diabetic has been a very rough one, being in his first year of full time college, trying to manage the disease on his own. The anxieties of college life, exams, and fast food has certainly hindered in his control.

Muriel is working with him and guiding him and me in this process through discussing his nutrition, and pump settings. We are getting in a sense "re-trained" on Diabetes management and insulin pump therapy. Muriel is very patient, caring, and dedicated to her clients. She's very knowledgeable on nutrition, the education of diabetes pump management, and in particular the transition of young adult type 1 Diabetics on insulin pump. With her help, I believe he can take control again and I highly recommend her services.

Debra K.,  Illinois

During my first visit with Muriel, what an impact she made! I learned so much in that hour and it was life changing. I have many health issues among them a complex digestive track cancer battle requiring to take low dose chemo. She listened to my life story and then guided me in addressing my love/hate relationship with food. Desperate to get better, I was taking many supplements and made health food cocktails that tasted really bad,  their ultimately made me hate foods. She quickly sorted out my supplements,  which one to prioritize and made sense on how to take them. She  simplified the drinks I was forcing myself to gulp down to make them more palatable. With a book she recommended, she taught me to love food again, food is neither good or bad. Food to me now is nutrition,  my true healer. I make choices based on what my body needs. I still give in to cravings but I don't feel bad about it and I know how to handle them in a healthy way. . With Muriel, I got a lot of bang for my buck. She is one of the best!

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