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Meal Plans

No time to plan healthy meals?


You aren’t alone. Healthy eating often takes a back seat to a busy life. We're right there with you!

And when you have a hectic schedule, trying to plan healthy meals can be stressful!

And even if you had more free time, you still have to find recipes, make a grocery list and actually get to the store! Not happening.

Or maybe you tried some meal delivery services only to have them pile up in the refrigerator because you had no time to cook. I know because this happens to me…

Here's a solution


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get delicious EASY meal plans with recipe & a shopping list delivered to your inbox each week?

Now you can! I’m excited to announce a NEW meal planning service.

All of the recipes have been developed and taste tested by registered dietitians and emphasize real, whole foods with easy-to-follow recipes.

The meal plans focus on balanced meals to stabilize blood sugar levels, normalize hormones, decrease inflammation, and manage your weight

These are not meant to be rigid meal plans, but rather to be used as a guide so you have ONE less thing to think about in your busy life!

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What you get

  • New Meal Plan Each Week With Simple & Easy To Follow Nutrient-Packed Recipes

  • Recipes And Ideas For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Snacks. Nutritional Content Is Available For All Plans

  • A Weekly Grocery List Based On Your Personalized Weekly Menu To Make Your Life Easier

  • Access To HUGE Recipe Database With Thousands Of Dietitian-Approved And Created Recipes So You Won't Get Bored

  • A Meal Planning Tool That Allows You To Move Meals Around To Different Days Or Even Replace Them With Other Recipes

  • Less Stress And Better Health With The Easy To Follow Meal Plans And Recipes

Looking for some guidance?

These meal plans are not intended to treat or cure any specific illness. For more guidance on individual dietary needs, we recommend our Virtual Coaching program.  

Our Virtual Coaching program combines the meal plan service with all-the-time access to a registered dietitian who can help you choose the best meal plan for your needs, answer questions about specific recipes or ingredients, and provide support and motivation throughout the process. 

Still have questions?

Click on the chat bubble below to chat directly with the patient coordinator or visit our contact page to submit your questions

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