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What is

The Plan?

  • Do you settle with wishes and hopes because your "how to change" has no real plan to succeed?

  • Do you hang on to old habits because they are more comfortable than the unknown and you  are willing to forgo your vision?

  • Do you borrow ideas and plan from others but it is conflicting  with who your are and what you are not willing to let go today?

  • Change is rarely easy,  yet necessary!


  • Nurturing changes is often met with resistance.  Emotional or logistic obstacles cloud the vision and clutter the actions. 

The Plan is a simple three step process.

successfully used with all my clients across  the realm of nutrition consulting.


The Plan always put my clients in the driver seat of their choices and actions.

  • Identify the vision.

  • Locate the obstacles

  • Assist in mapping a set of  concrete actions to move toward the vision

In addition to expertise and experience, an unparalleled networking with highly qualified associates in the field who bring innovative and creative solutions with the highest quality products and technology that will simplify the process of change with long lasting solutions.

"Muriel is very patient, caring, and dedicated to her clients. She's very knowledgeable on nutrition, the education of diabetes pump management, and in particular the transition of young adult type 1 Diabetics on insulin pump. With her help, I believe he can take control again and I highly recommend her services.recommend


— Isabelle O.

I highly recommend Muriel’s services.  I had spent several years being dissatisfied with my weight and eating habits. 

I joined a facebook group she lead that kick started me into dropping over 30 pounds ...more

—Monica R.


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